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For almost 7+ years, Infinity Data Solutions LLC has helped clients and partners grow and thrive through the power of data, analytics, and data-driven solutions.  

Our more than 500 employees around the world are dedicated to this unique purpose, and we are guided by important values that make us the established leader in business decisioning data and analytical insights.

Our data & insights are valuable at all phases of a business lifecycle and whatever the economic environment.

Our Data

Forward thinking organizations around the world trust Infinity Global Data for category-defining data and analytical insights and use our end-to-end solutions to guide winning strategies and intelligent actions. We are at the heart of these organization’s key initiatives, and we are the difference that helps them grow revenue, increase margins, mitigate risk and maintain compliance. Infinity Global Data is differentiated by the scale, depth, diversity and accuracy of our constantly expanding business data.

Data and insights are delivered through the Infinity Global Data Data Cloud and the solutions it powers. Comprising hundreds of millions of business records, curated from tens of thousands of sources, and tens of millions of web pages, our Data Cloud helps clients improve the performance of their organizations both at departmental levels, as well as across their businesses. 

Anchored by the long-established Infinity Global Data , the breadth and depth of our curated public data and differentiated proprietary data drive informed decisions for our clients. Decisions that lead to more intelligent actions.

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We don’t just provide data. We deliver what you and your teams need to know now to accelerate your organization’s growth and maximize its performance. Whether you’re making decisions about a customer’s creditworthiness, a third-party partner's reliability or a prospect’s value, our products equip you with the right insights to move ahead of your competition.

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No matter your function, no matter how you’re activating data to drive growth, manage risk, lower cost or even transform your business, you can count on Infinity Global data products to deliver actionable insights leveraging our Data Cloud and Live Business Identity

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